514 City Park Ave Suite F
New Orleans, LA 70119
(504) 482-6845

Sometimes you get lucky and hit a restaurant whose food is so incredible you have trouble finding the words to adequately describe it.  MoPho would be one of those restaurants.  Given that Maypop is another one of our favorite restaurants, we weren’t surprised MoPho exceeded our expectations.  Both restaurants are owned by the Gulotta brothers, Jeffrey and Michael.   In 2014, MoPho opened its doors in a Mid-City building, which previously housed a bookstore. The building is quite unassuming given the level of culinary excellence residing within its walls. Serving up Asian fusion with a creole twist, the kitchen pumps out a multitude of palate-pleasing options.

For appetizers, we settled on the Crispy Vindaloo Bites with coconut ranch sauce and Hand-Rolled Fresh Spring Rolls (Marinated Tofu and Fried Gulf Shrimp) with house-made peanut sauce.  The Vindaloo consists of small chicken bites coated in a delicious rich and spicy Vindaloo sauce.  The Spring Rolls come two to an order, which you can mix and match among 5 different options (marinated tofu, fried gulf shrimp, griddled pork, chicken vindaloo, and roasted eggplant). They are twice the size of a normal spring roll and the freshest, tastiest spring rolls I’ve ever put in my mouth. As an entrée, I chose the Corn and Crab Laksa.  Laksa is a Malaysian spicy coconut noodle soup. The chefs at MoPho insert a bit of Louisiana flare by adding lumps of Louisiana Blue Crab, bacon, and corn to the dish to create a bowl full of flavorful goodness you are certain to enjoy! My husband ordered the Slow Roast Lamb in Green Curry. Another top-notch entrée!! The dish includes smoked tofu, roasted beet, and toasted cashew, along with warm roti bread to soak up every last morsel of the creamy green curry sauce.  I’m not sure how they do it, but the kitchen manages to pair the perfect combination of ingredients to create a burst of culinary exceptionalism in every bite!!  We’re already planning our next visit!

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