Put this French brasserie, in the heart of the CBD (Central Business District), on your bucket list of restaurants to visit! Located in the stunning Hyatt Brand boutique hotel, The Eliza Jane Hotel, it boasts a gorgeous interior, attentive staff, and fabulous food. You enter through a curtain-adorned entrance to a French-inspired culinary extravaganza. Although the restaurant is currently seeking a new executive chef (Chef Brad McDonald left to pursue an opportunity with the Ace Hotel), the kitchen hasn’t skipped a beat. The restaurant has been open since August 2018, serving breakfast (7am-11am), lunch (11:30am-3pm), and dinner (6pm-close).

We went all out, ordered WAY too much food, but managed to finish every last morsel!! Post round of cocktails, we began our meal with a dozen oysters from the raw bar, the Verrine of Chicken Liver Mousse and the Grand Aioli, all beautifully presented and flavorful. Moving on to the First Course options, we dined on the Burgundy Escargot and Steak Tartare. The escargot was prepared in a classic six portion Staub escargot dish with individual snails immersed in a delicious parsley-garlic butter sauce—perfect for soaking up all those scrumptious calories with slices of crispy French baguettes. The Steak Tartare was simply presented but flavorful, topped with a raw egg yolk and served with a side of Pommes Gaufrettes (lattice-shaped potato chips).

Our main course consisted of the classic French preparation of Skate Wing (Ail de Rai ‘a la Grenobloise), Mussels and Fries (Moules Frites), and the roasted bone-in veal chop (Cote de Veau Roit). Have you ever tried Skate?? Skate is a cartilaginous fish in the shark family. It looks very similar to a stingray. When cooked properly, the meat is buttery, flaky and delicious. Some people compare the flavor to that of a fresh scallop. It’s a must try when available at Couvant. The mussels were plentiful, tender and soaked in a delicious butter garlic broth. Last but not least, the bone in veal chop, topped with a rich and creamy bone marrow bordelaise, was cooked to perfection. The veal chop is a large portion fit for a king!

On your next visit to the city, seriously consider booking a room at The Eliza Jane Hotel, with dinner reservations at Couvant. Have a pre-dinner drink at the beautiful bar in the lobby of the hotel. I’m loving this wonderful addition to the Central Business District!

Address 317 Magazine St New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone (504) 324-5400
Website https://www.couvant.com


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