Celebrating its 15th Anniversary, COOLinary New Orleans will once again take place during the entire month of August 2019.  This month-long event features a multitude of restaurants in the city, offering specially priced prix-fixe brunch, lunch, and dinner menus.  Indulge in New Orleans’ finest cuisine (Commander’s Palace, Café Degas, Gris Gris, Antoine’s, Bayona, Brigtsen’s, to name a few) at affordable prices.  Restaurants will be offering 3-course dinner menus for $39 or less, 3-course brunch menus from $39 or less, and 2 or 3-course lunch menus for $20 or less. Participating restaurants are located all over the city and surrounding areas.

We are all suffering from the excessive heat this summer! The temperature in my car was registering a whopping 100 degrees the other day! Do yourself a favor, book a room and take advantage of the incredible restaurant deals happening during the month of August.  Make reservations at several of the awesome restaurants participating in this event.  For an updated list, visit the official COOLinary website here. Keep checking back for menu updates.  We love dining in New Orleans but realize it can sometimes be quite expensive.  Here’s your chance to check out some of your bucket list restaurants! Feast like a King and Queen- spend like a Pauper!

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